A.3. Applicability

71. NISP stakeholders include engineers, designers, technical project managers, procurement staff, architects and other planners. Architectures, which identify the components of system operation, are most applicable during the development and test and evaluation phase of a project. The NISP is particularly applicable to a federated environment, where interoperability of mature National systems requires an agile approach to architectures.

72. The IP CaT has undertaken the development of interoperability profiles in order to meet the need for specific guidance at interoperability points between NATO and Nations systems and services required for specific capabilities. As a component of the NISP, profiles have great utility in providing context and interoperability specifications for using mature and evolving systems during exercises, pre-deployment or operations. Application of these profiles also provides benefit to Nations and promotes maximum opportunities for interoperability with NATO common funded systems as well as national to national systems. Profiles for system or service development and operational use within a mission area enable Nations enhanced readiness and availability in support of NATO operations.