Chapter 3. Organization of the NISP Information

34. This chapter gives an overview of the new structure of all three volumes.

3.1. NISP Structure

35. The structure of the NISP is organized to list and categorize the standards and profiles according to their usage in NATO. It contains three volumes:

  • Volume 1 - Introduction: This volume introduces basic concepts, provides the management framework for the configuration control of the NISP and the process for handling Request for Change (RFC). It includes also guidance on development of interoperability profiles.

  • Volume 2 - Agreed Interoperability Standards and Profiles: This volume lists agreed interoperability standards and profiles, mandatory for NATO common funded systems. These should support NATO and National systems today and new systems actually under procurement or specification.

  • Volume 3 - Candidate Interoperability Standards and Profiles: This Volume lists informative references to Standards and Interoperability Profiles, such as drafts of NATO specifications, that may be used as guidance for future programmes.

36. Volume 2 is normative for NATO common funded systems and Volume 3 is informative.