Chapter 4. Interoperability in Support of Capability Planning

37. The following documents form the foundation to understand the embedding of NISP into NDPP and architecture work:

Table 4.1. NDPP References
Document Document Reference

Alliance C3 Strategy Information and Communication Technology to prepare NATO 2020 (20 July 2018)

Alliance C3 Strategy C-M(2018)0037

Alliance C3 Policy (14 December 2018)


NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP)

PO(2016)0655 (INV)

38. The NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP) is the primary means to identify the required capabilities and promote their timely and coherent development and acquisition by Allies and Partners. It is operationally driven and delivers various products which could support the development and evolution of more detailed C3 architecture and interoperability requirements. The development of NDPP products also benefits from input by the architecture and interoperability communities, especially the NISP, leading to a more coherent development of CIS capabilities for the Alliance.

39. The work on Enterprise, Capability, and programme level architecture will benefit from the NISP by selecting coherent sets of standards for profiles.

40. More information on how the NISP supports the NDPP can be found in Annex B.